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Important Info / Warning - "Please Read First"

If you came to this website looking for another Porn Site, Sorry you have come to the wrong place! But if you have come looking for advice on building meaningful relationships built on respect and for information then you are at the right Place...

Most of the language will be in medical terms and not the many slang terms used in society in regards to sex, the exception will be in the article called 'Definitions / Slang' which will be the only place where the medical definitions will be compared to the slang words.

Beware there is some explicit images / nudity and animations included to help explain / describe the content of the articles, as ratings goes showing an erection can give a X rating, showing nudity can alone give an R rating, both of which gives an 18+ age rating. However this information is very useful to teens prior to them ever considering sexual activity.

I would like to aim at a wide audience particularly teens before they consider having sexual relations, however the subject matter will be considered adult in nature, so I would ask for parental guidance and discretion in this regard for the teens in your family.

To obtain the whole jest and purpose of this section of the website, please look at all the topics.

There could be some overlap of content between artlicles.

Please select from the Topics bellow by clicking on the Picture...

What is Consent?

Pop Quiz No Means No No No

What is considered consent in regards to engaging in sexual activity with another person. What is the Age of Consent under the law?



Contraception preventing undesired pregnancies

No Sperm

Preventing undesired Pregnancies.



Definitions / Slang
Definitions in regards to sex and the slang words that are often used

Sex Phrase

The Dirty Slang words Definitions


Difficulties in regards to Sex
Issues that can interfere with the ability to have Sex

Sexual Difficulties Issues

Sexual Issues such as Erectile Dysfunction.

Difficulties in engaging in Sex.



Movie Ratings
Movie Ratings and what they mean


Definitions of Movie Ratings



Building healthy relationships built on respect


Building Healthy Relationships and the steps in its progress



Religious Views
How religion views sexuality

Chruch cross

How Religion view Sexuality as well as abortion



Same Sex Relationships
Same sex relationships and how society looks at it.

Same Sex Marriage

Same Sex Relationships and how people with different views can relate to it.



Sex Crimes & The Law
Sex Crimes / Offenders

Police line do not cross

Sex Crimes and Offenders in today's society



Sex, The Basics
The Basics on Sex

Couple in sexual embrace

What is Sex? The Basics


Sex, The Dark Side and the Law
The other side of the sexual society

Hooker beside car

The opposite side of morality, the darker side.



Sexual Revolution / Porn Industry
How acceptable sex practices has changed over the years

Sexual Revolution

What was unacceptable is now more acceptable.


STD's (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)


STD's, partly a result of our changing views on morality and sex.









Couple in Love Smelling Rose

Respect Before Sex




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